Fortress in the fog

Fortress in the fog

This one shows Petrovaradin fortress in the fog. Took it during one of those days when you just grab your camera and wander off. I was drawn to the river (Danube)..that’s where the fog came from.

I needed even wider angle than the lens provided, so I took 2 shots and later stitched them together. It makes this sort of panoramic shot :)

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2 Responses to Fortress in the fog

  1. Magda says:

    Zdravo Mario,
    I really like your photos, you really can catch this lttle moment when everyday turns into sth transcendent. Definitely, Petrovaradin in the fog is my favourite. The atmosphere ot this pcture sends me back to the fairytells of my childhood…It’s embrace sth mistic almost…Last time I saw the fortress it was bathed in the sunlight of July and that’s the way I remembered it. Your picture atributes whole new vison of it. Sharp and arrogant but yet intriguing. I will keep an eye on your page,

  2. Lina Maria says:

    your pictures are absolutely amazing. Came here through a search in google images for a picture of loneliness… I going to use one of your pictures (credits at the bottom) and link to your blog. If this bothers you, please leave a comment in my blog.

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