Soulmates, travel, forever…

Soulmates, travel, forever...

This is Dragana. A close friend of friend too (though sometimes I believe she loves my camera more). She’s one of those girls that won’t comment Sweeney Todd as a movie with too much blood :D That’s why we like her company :) But, this is not a story of her…I don’t have that much time today :P This is a story of new friendships, people that deserve their name to be remembered, written or mentioned later.

Although I consider myself to be a lone wolf, running without a pack, occasionally I do feel very emotional about people I meet.

Last night I took a Belgrade – Vienna train. I was getting off in Novi Sad. Two-hour ride from Belgrade. I shared compartment with a Peruvian woman Isabella, her, I believe, husband Kelly from the States and Australian guy with Italian ancestry and Italian name which I forgot (edit: could be Salvatore). Entering compartment I prepared my headphones planning to plunge into the world of music, but I got so much carried away talking with them, that those 2 hours passed like a minute. We talked about cultures, traveling, politics, conspiracies, families, hobbies, plans, …

When I left the train I felt a bit sad…we’ll never meet again, they will not know I talked to you about them now. They left with a part of me..that little piece of soul that travels with people we meet, with people we like and with people we love. And if you ask me where have I been, I can tell you I haven’t seen much of this world, but my soul will keep on traveling long after I’m gone.

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4 Responses to Soulmates, travel, forever…

  1. Dgd says:

    Pa, da li je moguce?!!! :) Imam i bradu i sve… Hvala soulmate! :)
    PS: Mooozda ipak tebe malkice vise volim ;)

  2. mario says:

    Jeste, sve dok ne kupim novi aparat :D

  3. Beogradoholik says:

    Ovo ti je savršen, ali _savršen_ tekst jer znam šta si mislio pod soulmate!!! I nisi se setio da pitaš ljude za adresu, tel. i sli?no, ccc!?(-:

  4. Mario says:

    Hvala :) Da, takvi tekstovi su i razlog zbog kojeg sam prestao sa blogom. Ode mi puno vremena i energije :)

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