Yesterday I was invited to be a sort of a tour guide to Novi Sad :) Rasha, the girl I met at the train station few weeks ago, is an exchange student from Syria. She decided to bring a group of her friends to visit Novi Sad once again, before she returns home. I was glad to meet Rana, Zacarea and Asen from Syria, Osama from Jordan and Jerkin from Kazakhstan. We had great time together, visited many interesting places in NS and the most interesting was on Petrovaradin Fortress and SPENS just before the basketball game between SCG (ex. union of Serbia and Montenegro) and Israel.

This photo is dedicated to them.

Here you can see one of the symbols of’s a tower clock at Petrovaradin Fortress. I bet you can’t tell what time it was :) It’s small hand shows minutes and a large one hours :) Is done that way for practical reasons, so that Danube sailors could see better what time it is :) Also, guard shifts were on every hour, when the clock makes a dong sound, so the minutes were not that important back in the past :) The clock is winded manually by a single man, everyday. Ppl call it “The Drunk Clock” as it’s late when it’s cold outside, and it runs faster when it’s hot :)

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