A lot of people make About page though they believe visitors don’t find it interesting. Well, I visited a lot of sites and I do find About pages interesting. So..you wanna know something more about me?

Well..everything started just after the Big Bang. Then there were some amoebas.. dinosaurs.. George W. Bush kind..then monkeys and apes..well..you know the history of evolution!

Then on April the 25th, 1981 (3 years before Orwell’s 1984 will happen) I was born in a small town in the province, as Clark Kent, but when Warner Bros filed a complaint I was named Mario Tomic. No, not really :) But after I heard that a couple of parents had named their son Nikon, I started believing in Easter Bunny too! No, I mean..disliking Canon is one thing, but naming your firstborn child Nikon is something completely different ;)

I grew up in a wealthy family as the only child. Wait, wait..that was what I had wished for :)
So, I grew up in the average family..my brother knew alphabet before he was 2 years old..ok, might not be the average one, but it was a family! I was born in Bosnia (and Herzegovina) (though my origins are from Montenegro and Italy) and now I live, study and work in Novi Sad and Belgrade, in Serbia & Montenegro Serbia (?) (remembered and preferably called Yugoslavia). You can imagine how confused can a foreigner be when his question: “Who’s playing?” meets the answer: “Serbia and Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.” It’s not a single match, it’s a bloody tournament! Now bring in the football (or politics) fans and what you get is a 4-year civil war. You didn’t get it? Well, neither have I..and I’m the one who survived it all :)

Many people think I live in Siberia (in Turkey I was asked for a price of Siberian husky, when I told I was from Serbia…and I’m not surprised to see that my snail-mail traveled via Moscow), but that’s not a reason why I’d like to live in Norway one day :)

And before that day I might also update this page again :) And, as speeking of Norway, here I found a witty bio I filed I can’t remember when :)

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  • A little project of mine.. Playing all 500 tracks from the List of Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time

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