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#acrossRomania (2018)

A 900 km bicycle journey #acrossRomania, from Timisoara, through Carpathians to the Black Sea coast.

#acrossRomania (2018)

Various random images from trips and walks...


Random images from various voyages

Jahorina (2018)


✔️ name's Mario
✔️ lives in a computer
✔️ flirts with plumbing
✔️ has a brother
✔️ found a princess
✔️ has a castle
✔️ grows mustache
✔️ cycles long distance

❌ knows Luigi
❌ has a strong Italian accent
❌ does drugs when facing obstacles
❌ has issues with turtles
❌ wears overalls
❌ drives a go-cart
❌ met Wario


#acrossRomania (2018)

#acrossRomania 2018 tour map

I challenged myself to cycle #acrossRomania alone in order to exercise my Romanian. Also, ever since I saw some Pinterest photos of the old casino in Constanza, I wanted to visit it. And so the cause and the aim of the trip aligned.

If you'd like to read about the trip, click the globe icon below to jump straight into the journal.

P.S. All photos taken with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, i.e. a phone.

For a more elaborate travelogue, click on the globe icon below.

Jahorina (2018)